18th May – Understanding your Health

UNDERSTANDING YOUR HEALTH                                                                                            through the lens of Chinese Medicine

with Martin Julich (practitioner and teacher of Shiatsu, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Qigong and Open Floor Dance work)

18th May from 10am – 5pm

Venue: Love Yoga Studio, 42 Union Terrace, Aberdeen

Cost: £50 (payable to M. Julich, 4 Sunnybrae Cottages, Persley, Aberdeen AB22 8AP)

We will have an interesting long day consisting of an in-depth Introduction into Chinese Medicine. I will take you through the system of the 5 Elements, its patterns of Health and Disease (from physical to emotional and mental levels) and foods and lifestyle stuff that will help heal, meaning ‘making Whole’. I will touch upon Facial diagnosis and Tongue diagnosis, Yin and Yang theory.

In our use of language we have historically been aware of the connection between organs and life’s expressions: i.e. cold hands warm heart (Fire saying); green with envy (Wood Element saying); worry yourself sick (Earth saying); s/he got cold feet (Water saying) and I need to get a breath of fresh out to clear my head (Metal).

To understand how we typically function, respond or react and having resources in terms of foods, activities and compassion from understanding can help us motivate ourselves to act in accordance with our inner nature, not fight it.

You’ll receive a hand out to take away with you, to re-read and inform and inspire yourself to better health:)))

Please book in advance, teaching this material is one of my favourite subjects to share. It is offering and an insight into a very time tested System of Understanding and will be a mixture of structure and following the interest of you who are present, so it is alive:)