Shiatsu is a Chinese/Japanese form of massage that has been used for thousands of years and is growing in popularity with the current upsurge of interest in Complementary Therapies. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine with all of its depth of analysis and focus on the energy system of a person as a sign of their condition.

Shiatsu-Acupressure for Health Course                                                                                                         You will learn to give rejuvenating and relaxing Shiatsu Treatments and how to understand and  analyse the receivers state of health through the lens the 12 meridians and their associations. We will at postural and facial diagnosis and basic dietary advice. We will teach some of the major Acupressure points and their applications for common conditions.

Studying with a group of like-mided people makes learning easier and fun and supports your own development and health.

The First Year Shiatsu Completion Course is open to all who have either done the Shiatsu-Living in Harmony Course or who have done similar training elsewhere. Contact us if you have any questions about this.

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