Shiatsu Training Overview & Students Feedback

We recommend that you either participate in an introductory day or receive a treatment before committing yourself to the course, as this will give you a better insight into Shiatsu and what the course has to offer you. Contact us for details of Introductory Days or your nearest practitioner, if you would like a treatment and a chat about Shiatsu.

 The whole Training takes place over three years and consists of

  • Living in Harmony Shiatsu Course – 7 weekends (Part One of the 1st year)
  • 1st year Completion – 6 weekends, the first 2 courses complete  the 1st year
  • 2nd Year Intermediate – 11 weekends & 4 Day residential
  • 3rd Year Graduate – 11 weekends & 4 Day residential

The Shiatsu Living in Harmony Course has its emphasis on the practical skills of Shiatsu-Acupressure,  together with an introduction to the theory of Shiatsu and learning the Shiatsu meridians and associations.

The 1st  Year Completion Course follows the Shiatsu-Living in Harmony Course; this is followed by the 2nd and 3rd Years to complete your Professional Shiatsu Training.

You are welcome to complete all or part of the course according to your needs. Shiatsu Acupressure will give you a greater sense of awareness and offers many ways to improve your own health and well-being, including a tool-kit of alternative first aid points for use on family and friends and a wide range of dietary and general recommendations for health and well-being.

Many people do the course for their own benefit and interest. Students on the Course are assessed through practicals and theory homeworks. The 1st year Completion and 2nd and 3rd year Students are assessed through practicals and theory homeworks plus an exam and practical at the end of the year.

What the Students Say

Changed my life for the better, really enjoyed it, realised there are good souls out there!

It became like a lifeline during this crazy year (Covid19….)

I would highly recommend the course, I look forward to starting the 2nd year

It is more of a new language / way of life than I ever imagined

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The content is fascinating. The personal development is challenging. It has inspired and facilitated a lot of change in my life and I have made some life long friends
Life-changing, thought provoking, so incredibly grateful to you both for your encouragement
Can’t wait for the next year we have formed a tight close family
The Lendrick Lodge residential was excellent and gave me a more relaxing feeling
It has been an amazing 3 years!!
The course has already allowed me to help people and I have found an inner strength
It has been a lifeline at a time where I was lost, not knowing what direction to take. It has been wonderful and challenging
All teachers bring something different/ interesting/ exciting to the weekends
Fulfilling, amazing journey into the unknown

 I have learned so much about myself and how to help heal myself, Invaluable. I am hoping to take this knowledge and skills into my community to help others

Excellent a great mix of theory and practical

Shiatsu has changed me on so many different levels, I can’t imagine my life without it and look forward to CPD courses.

I find it fascinating to learn different ways to touch.

I have learned so much about myself and how to help heal myself, invaluable. I am hoping to take this knowledge and skills into my community to help others.

Excellent, a great mix of theory and practical.

A fantastic journey.

The most inclusive, sensitive and encouraging group of teachers I have ever had, empowering.

Excellent teaching and understanding and flexibility in helping students through the course.

I find it fascinating to learn different ways to touch.

Good atmosphere between students and very supportive, light-bringing, joyful teachers.

Fantastic, would be lovely to carry on, 3 years flew by

I enjoyed the course very much, it gave me a lot of new knowledge and understanding.   Great knowledge to help us maintain our own health and help others

I’ve changed my out-look to people, family and friends. It’s opened my mind and is giving me a whole new aspect on the world. Wish I had started earlier!

The skills and capacities that have been fostered in the course are of benefit not only to myself and clients but also others that I come into contact with. Shiatsu encourages us to listen, value, respect, care and support. It is truly a life giving practice.  The course is run in such a way that the student is supported in their own healing journey as well as learning about Shiatsu.

By being encouraged to learn about ourselves, we are taught about Shiatsu in one of the most authentic ways possible – by directly experiencing it ourselves.   It is nice to have the mixture of contrasting styles of leaders.   Consistently good teaching and support.   One of the biggest strengths of the School is how valued the students are made to feel and the high level of acceptance of  everyone.

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