Shiatsu Acupressure for Health Course

We recommend that you either participate in an introductory day or receive a treatment before committing yourself to the course, as this will give you a better insight into Shiatsu and what the course has to offer you. Contact us for details of Introductory Days or your nearest practitioner, if you would like a treatment and a chat about Shiatsu.

 The whole Training takes place over three years and consists of

  • Living in Harmony Shiatsu Course – 7 weekends (Part One of the 1st year)
  • 1st year Completion – 6 weekends, the first 2 courses complete  the 1st year
  • 2nd Year Intermediate – 11 weekends & 4 Day residential
  • 3rd Year Graduate – 11 weekends & 4 Day residential

The Shiatsu Living in Harmony Course has its emphasis on the practical skills of Shiatsu-Acupressure,  together with an introduction to the theory of Shiatsu and learning the Shiatsu meridians and associations.

The 1st  Year Completion Course follows the Shiatsu-Living in Harmony Course; this is followed by the 2nd and 3rd Years to complete your Professional Shiatsu Training.

You are welcome to complete all or part of the course according to your needs. Shiatsu Acupressure will give you a greater sense of awareness and offers many ways to improve your own health and well-being, including a tool-kit of alternative first aid points for use on family and friends and a wide range of dietary and general recommendations for health and well-being.

Many people do the course for their own benefit and interest. Students on the Course are assessed through practicals and theory homeworks. The 1st year Completion and 2nd and 3rd year Students are assessed through practicals and theory homeworks plus an exam and practical at the end of the year.

If you wish to take the course but not do the exams as your focus is on your own development then please let us know.

Living in Harmony – Shiatsu Course

These days so much of our lives can be out of whack. We set up this course to help you get in touch with harmony in your life. We will take you on a journey asking pertinent life questions and focussing you on finding your answers!

Step 1 Relax, both your body and your mind as you learn easy bodywork routines.

Step 2 How do you nurture yourself? We will look at food and diet and see how that influences our health and state of mind. Stomach and Spleen meridians.

Step 3 Boundaries and order. We all need some clarity and integrity in our lives. Lung and Large Intestine meridians.

Step 4 How do you take care of your energy? Stress can play a major role in our lives and we cannot always run away. Kidney and Bladder meridians.

Step 5 What is your dream? Are you living the life you want? Liver and Gall Bladder meridians help you to focus and decide.

Step 6 How do you express yourself? Heart and Small Intestine meridians and the supporting Heart Governor and Triple Heater meridians covering our Fire element. The other side of expression is being quiet and meditating.

Step 7 Finding your flow, working with integration as we put it all together and add in more forms of diagnosis.

As we learn each of the acupressure meridians we will discover the patterns of health and dis-ease that go with them. We will also see how we can nurture each element with food and lifestyle recommendations. Each weekend you will receive plenty of bodywork whilst learning to give treatments to others.

Aberdeen School of Shiatsu courses are verified by the Shiatsu Society – Shiatsu’s governing body in the UK. All teachers and assistants are registered practitioners with the Shiatsu Society.

This Course gives a good grounding for anyone interested in complementary health and/or growth work, and is often used by individuals for their own self- development and improving their health.

some concessions are available, if you are keen to do the course but feel you cannot afford the full fee please contact us

Shiatsu-Acupressure for Health

Those who join this course are interested in ways to improve their health and that of those around them. The first part of the course is ideal for this. Those who wish to go deeper both for their own benefit or for their family or wish to take this up as a career may stay on and complete the course. You are each able to take the training as far as feels appropriate to you.

The Shiatsu-Living in Harmony Course is about looking at yourself, not just learning routines for treating others; this helps you to use yourself to the greatest advantage when you do treat others. It helps to clear away past baggage that you no longer need. As we work with the Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal we see how these are reflected in ourselves, eco-psychology is the latest buzz-word but also how we have worked for many years.

We help you find your own inner healing abilities, enhancing your touch so you can give deeply relaxing sessions to aid your friends and families wellbeing.

We want you to get the most from this training and though we have a curriculum to get through, we allow plenty of time to answer your questions and offer suggestions that will benefit you and your families health. We have been working in this field for many years and if we do not know the answer we can find out where to look.

Your sensitivity to touch is enhanced, you will learn how to feel or perceive energy and respond to those feelings, sensations and perceptions so you can give responsive health benefiting treatments. We work specifically with all the individuals on the course steering them in ways to fulfil a greater potential in their approach to touch and treatments.

Along with the 12 main meridians you will learn points that can treat many common ailments so you can alleviate them with ease and teach your friends and family how to use these points so they do not need to reach for tablets but can treat themselves in a way that fully benefits their health with no side effects and reaches the deeper cause of the imbalance so symptoms do not crop up as often.

You will learn dietary advice specific to each of the organ/ meridian pairs so you can help those around you as well as yourself reach a deeper state of health through small easily achievable changes.

As we look at each of the pairings of organs, we look at the emotional and physical characteristics that go along with them, this gives a deeper insight into your own strengths and how to work with family and work dynamics.

You will discover more about how to relax and how to use that in your daily life and as you treat your friends.

Shiatsu is a way of life for us, so much more than a job, we want to share that with you, to allow you to find work that is a dream.

We work with a small team of teachers so we get to know you all and can support you as you develop. We want to be of service to you as you develop.

What the Students Say

Shiatsu has changed me on so many different levels, I can’t imagine my life without it and look forward to CPD courses.

I find it fascinating to learn different ways to touch.

I have learned so much about myself and how to help heal myself, invaluable. I am hoping to take this knowledge and skills into my community to help others.

Excellent, a great mix of theory and practical.

A fantastic journey.

The most inclusive, sensitive and encouraging group of teachers I have ever had, empowering.

Excellent teaching and understanding and flexibility in helping students through the course.

I find it fascinating to learn different ways to touch.

Good atmosphere between students and very supportive, light-bringing, joyful teachers.

Fantastic, would be lovely to carry on, 3 years flew by

I enjoyed the course very much, it gave me a lot of new knowledge and understanding.   Great knowledge to help us maintain our own health and help others

I’ve changed my out-look to people, family and friends. It’s opened my mind and is giving me a whole new aspect on the world. Wish I had started earlier!

The skills and capacities that have been fostered in the course are of benefit not only to myself and clients but also others that I come into contact with. Shiatsu encourages us to listen, value, respect, care and support. It is truly a life giving practice.  The course is run in such a way that the student is supported in their own healing journey as well as learning about Shiatsu.

By being encouraged to learn about ourselves, we are taught about Shiatsu in one of the most authentic ways possible – by directly experiencing it ourselves.   It is nice to have the mixture of contrasting styles of leaders.   Consistently good teaching and support.   One of the biggest strengths of the School is how valued the students are made to feel and the high level of acceptance of  everyone.

any questions, please contact: