Introductory workshop – Shiatsu for Headaches

On Saturday 17th June I (Martin Julich) will give an Introduction to Shiatsu with a focus on treating headaches at Love Yoga studio, 42 Union Terrace, Aberdeen, starting at 10am and finishing by 1pm, costing £30, payable to Laura Davison.

This workshop will be open to anyone and will introduce acupressure points that are useful for headaches as well as general approaches including which types of headaches relate to which meridian function and which foods might be best to avoid or eat.

Headaches is such a generic term for us, but in Oriental Medicine we understand that the location points to which organ/meridian function is implicated and thus better treatable. So if you suffer from them or know some friend who frequently does, this workshop will try and deliver the tools and understand to clear headaches effectively and in the long term avoid them!!

I remember the first time I helped someone with frontal headaches. Pressing the relevant point cleared the headache within two minutes and we both felt it.

Lets have a wonderful morning and treat each other well!!