Living in Harmony – Shiatsu & Being Resourceful in 2020

Living in Harmony – Shiatsu & being Resourceful 

7 weekends to immerse yourself in Shiatsu

1st/2nd February
15th/16th February
14th/15th March
11th/12th April
2nd/3rd May
13th/14th June
4th/5th July

These days so much of our lives can be out of whack. We set up this course to help you get in touch with harmony in your life. We will take you on a journey asking pertinent life questions and focussing you on finding your answers!

Step 1 Relax, both your body and your mind as you learn easy bodywork routines.

Step 2 How do you nurture yourself? We will look at food and diet and see how that influences our health and state of mind. Stomach and Spleen meridians.

Step 3 Boundaries and order. We all need some clarity and integrity in our lives. Lung and Large Intestine meridians.

Step 4 How do you take care of your energy? Stress can play a major role in our lives and we cannot always run away. Kidney and Bladder meridians.

Step 5 What is your dream? Are you living the life you want? Liver and Gall Bladder meridians help you to focus and decide.

Step 6 How do you express yourself? Heart and Small Intestine meridians and the supporting Heart Governor and Triple Heater meridians covering our Fire element. The other side of expression is being quiet and meditating.

Step 7 Finding your flow, working with integration as we put it all together and add in more forms of diagnosis.

As we learn each of the acupressure meridians we will discover the patterns of health and dis-ease that go with them. We will also see how we can nurture each element with food and lifestyle recommendations. Each weekend you will receive plenty of bodywork whilst learning to give treatments to others.