Qigong Movement Practice Day

Qigong Movement Practice Day

with Laura Davison and Martin Julich 

Date: Saturday 1st June from 10am – 4pm

Cost: £50

Venue: Love Yoga Studio, 42 Union Terrace, Aberdeen

Qigong (Qi – energy & Gong – movement) is a gentle movement practice that can be used for self-healing, to relax and to enhance our sensitivity (for those that offer any type of Massage, Shiatsu, Reiki, or other healing work) and it can be done at any age, or ability.

The Qigong movements work directly with energy. The focus is on sensing energy and being able to generate it within the body for healing. We will include self healing techniques and hands-on work with a partner as well as a set of movements you can practice yourself.

Both Laura and Martin have practiced and taught Qigong for 30 plus years as part of their teaching of energy work in Shiatsu training. A wealth of experience at hand!!

Please book with Laura Davison laurashiatsu@hotmail.com