Shiatsu Acupressure for Health Foundation Course 2018

We are inviting applications for the Shiatsu Acupressure Foundation Course which starts 3/4th February 2018.

In this time of change and chaos I believe it is pretty important to be part of a movement that promotes health, compassion and understanding. Shiatsu is part of Chinese Medicine and in that context it is, like Ayurveda in India, a most important tool, indeed, a way of Life that can help us keep track of how to keep healthy on all levels as well as helping others to be or become healthy. We are, quite literally in Shiatsu, giving a Helping Hand, that supports the receiver/client to find their healing.

For more info about the course and the whole training please have a look at the Foundation Course Prospectus tab and even better, give us a call or email us. We are happy to talk with you and give answers to your questions:)