Tara Shiatsu Day and Acupressure for Health Course – take your health into your own hands!

Laura, Martin and Marie from Aberdeen School of Shiatsu wish you all a 2019 that is filled with Good Health, Gratitude, Joy and Purpose.

All three of us have practiced and taught the fabulous Healing Modality of Shiatsu for an awfi long time and we find working with Shiatsu can help alleviate painful conditions, help mending what is ‘broken’, empower the recipients to heal themselves via changes in life style and food and the Art of Mindful Touch, which is what we do in Shiatsu practice, can make space in body mind and soul for self healing on all levels of being.

Obviously, Shiatsu practice means a lot to us, we love it and we would love for you to be interested in studying the Acupressure for Health Course (starting 26/27th January) with us:))

We invite you to have a look at these upcoming events and please, if you are interested, book via email or telephone. Equally, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and get your answers!!

  • Sunday 20th January – Intro to the Tara Approach
  • Sat/Sunday 26th/27th January – Start of the Acupressure for Health Course
  • Sat/Sunday 9th/10th March – Postgraduate Shiatsu course with Laura Davison

Introduction to the TARA Approach TARA Shiatsu – Anneke Stolte

20 January 2019 from 11am-5pm

Love Yoga Studio

42 Union Terrace


Cost: £40

Come and relax and let your nervous system be unburdened from shock and trauma.

This form of energy medicine is based on the ancient Eastern technique of Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Art of Compassion. It is based on twenty-six acupressure sites. These are held in different combinations or ‘flows’ to restore the circulation of energy along the extra-ordinary meridian lines of our body and to jump-start our inherent self-healing processes.

The TARA Approach integrates this ancient Eastern technique with developments in Western neuro-sciences to offer specific tools for the recovery from shock and trauma.

Chronic health conditions, auto-immune issues, fatigue, difficulties in dealing with stress, anxiety, addictions, could all be signs of the body holding on to shock and trauma.


This is a practical 1 day workshop introducing the energy medicine part and self-care practices, which can be used by anyone who is interested in transforming trauma for themselves or others, and can be incorporated in shiatsu treatments. It is also an introduction to the TARA Approach Foundation Course.

By Anneke Stolte MSc MRSS, Foundation teacher of The TARA Approach


Info annekestolte@hotmail.co.uk


4 Sunnybrae Cottages, Persley, Aberdeen, AB22 8AP

Invites applications for a training in



Acupressure for Health

The start of a Shiatsu practitioners course.

7 weekends – Starts 26/27th January 2019

in Aberdeen 

Learn how to do full bodywork treatments

Learn to help your family improve their health  

Learn the meridian pathways and associations so you understand more about your health and how to help others

Good for your Health, Relaxing and Fun!

Info: Laura Davison MRSS (T) – 01224 662878


www.aberdeenshiatsu.co.uk or find us on facebook

Postgraduate Shiatsu with Laura Davison MRSS

Improving your confidence in your Shiatsu


Email: laurashiatsu@hotmail.com 


This is the first Postgraduate Course that I have run for a few years. Whenever you graduated you are welcome to join. Whether you need to revise your meridians or just review your touch, this is the time for you. Though there is some planning I intend to focus in the main on your needs so you can get the most out of these weekends.

We will work with the Extraordinary Meridians and points, looking at their associations and uses. These are the meridians that support all the ordinary meridians and provide deep connection and re-energise.

There will be tutorials, these are both to look at the clients you are treating and any questions you have around those treatments and advice you may be giving; whatever help you may need with your practice.

We will look at all the parts of Quantum Shiatsu to enhance your practical skills, giving you a wide range of extras you can add into your treatments.

I will combine this with practical tutorials to refine your skills in energy work and importantly observation of your practice.

All of this is building on what you already know and helping you to take it into your practice.

Dates: 9/10 March 6/7 July

12/13 October

Venue: Love Yoga, 42 Union Terr, Aberdeen 10-5pm each day

Course Fees: £330
Deposit: £165
Final Payment: £165 due on 2nd weekend

Laura Davison BSc, MRSST, RCST is principal teacher for Aberdeen School of Shiatsu. I first started Shiatsu in 1982, and have been teaching since that time. As well as Shiatsu I am practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy, La Stone Therapy and Spiritual Healing and combine the knowledge from these disciplines, where appropriate, with Shiatsu. I hope the Postgraduate Shiatsu will bring insight and clarity to both the theory and the practical, helping you to achieve more from your Shiatsu.

Continuing professional development is an important part of being a good practitioner, this is something I practice and I encourage you to come so you can enrich your practice.