Tara Shiatsu workshops

TARA Approach Courses 2017 in Aberdeen

Taught by Anneke Stolte MSc   MRSS           

The TARA Approach uses gentle holding of points on the body (to the Extraordinary Meridians) to restore our capacity to cope with overwhelming experiences.

The TARA Approach has its roots in Jin Shin, a “sister” healing art of Shiatsu based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 Element system. Created by neuropsychologist Dr Stephanie Mines, the energy medicine component (Jin Shin) is integrated with an understanding of the physiological and neurological impacts of shock and trauma.  With the use of touch as well as language we restore health and release essence.

Workshop One –  Self Care with The TARA Approach: “Self Shiatsu” for stress and trauma This introductory course is for anyone who would like to learn how to balance the nervous system and restore its innate integrity after it has been overwhelmed or overloaded.

There are 26 points on the body that are particularly powerful energy centres. In this workshop we will learn how we can use our hands to touch these energy centres and bring balance and reorganisation to the nervous system. We will practice simple self care treatments (Flows) which we can use on ourselves and others and incorporate in our Shiatsu or other healing practice.

The Self Care course is self-contained but it is also a pre-requisite for Modules One andTwo.                                                                                                                           4/5th March 2017, 10am-5pm; Aberdeen School of Shiatsu  

Cost £110 or £85 for those repeating the course. Self Care handbook and handouts: £12.50; £290 for all 3 weekends

Workshop Two – Module One: Pulse, the Ordinary Meridians, and Healing Trauma The focus of this weekend is how to diagnose and heal Trauma by treating the twelve Meridians at Extraordinary Meridian level. We will learn to listen to the Pulse as a tool of diagnosis (using a simplified pulse listening system) and will be practicing the Flows of the twelve Meridians. We will practice treatments on each other.

1/2nd April 2017, 10am-5pm; Aberdeen School of Shiatsu 

Cost £110 or £85 for those repeating  Module One handbook: £12.50

Workshop Three – Module Two: The Rivers of Splendour and the treatment of Shock                                                                                                                               This weekend will focus on the Extraordinary Meridians, the eight “Rivers of Splendour”. They present a deeper level at which to treat Shock and Trauma. We will be deepening and expanding our Pulse listening skills and will practice treatments on each other. We will practice listening, empathy and observational skills along with the use of language in therapeutic contexts.

20/21st May 2017, 10am-5pm; Aberdeen School of Shiatsu  

Cost £110 or £85 for those repeating

Module Two handbook: £12.50

When booking all three courses together: £290 excluding handbooks

Practice sessions may be offered between the courses depending on demand.

For information and booking: laurashiatsu@hotmail.com  Tel. 01224 662878

Venue for all three courses: Aberdeen School of Shiatsu, Love Yoga, 42 Union Terrace, Aberdeen AB10 1TP