Use the information here to make contact with the people who run Aberdeen School of Shiatsu. You can book a Shiatsu treatment with them. If someone’s name is highlighted, you can click on it to find out more information about them.

This is not a complete list of the Shiatsu practitioners in Aberdeen. You can find more by visiting www.shiatsusociety.org web site.


Laura Davison BSc MRSS(T) RCST
The Rosemount Centre
1C Mount Street
01224 636378                                                                         www.rosemountcentre.com
Laura offers Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy and La Stone at the Rosemount Centre in Aberdeen, 
Martin Jülich MRSS(T) MRCHM
The Rosemount Centre
1C Mount Street
01224 636378                                                                             www.rosemountcentre.com
Martin offers Shiatsu and Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Rosemount Centre, and runs Love Yoga studio in the heart of Aberdeen.
Marie Lamont MRSS(t)
West Hall Cottage
West Hall Farm                                                                         Cupar, Fife                                                                                          KY15 4NA
07979922011 or  01337 810328

Visiting Teachers:

Graeme Docherty has worked with Shiatsu in his clinic in Copenhagen full time for over 20 years. Graeme is the head teacher in the Shiatsu Skolen Copenhagen, which is the first Shiatsu Therapist education in Denmark.  He also teaches Advanced Shiatsu and Energy work courses abroad.

Graeme learned Shiatsu from Jeremy Halpin, an Australian shiatsu master. He also taught Graeme to teach Zen Shiatsu and carry on the tradition of helping people learn to practice Shiatsu.

Through the years Graeme has met and learned from many great shiatsu teachers, amongst them Wilfried Rappenecker, Laura Davison, Pia Staniek, Lili Just Simons, Luigi Gargioli.

Graeme is also educated as a Massage Therapist and back in the day played table tennis for the Scottish national team.