Workshops & CPD

 Shiatsu and Meditation

An introduction to the practice of Shiatsu & Meditation along the lines of Compassionate Inquiry

Saturday 12th March from 10am – 4pm                                                                         Venue: Love Yoga Studio, 42 Union Terrace, Aberdeen                                                Cost: £30 – £45

 I am offering a workshop called ‘Shiatsu and Meditation’ where we will explore how Mind and Emotions show up in our lives and how they show us which organs are effected.

Using Compassionate Inquiry (a la Gabor Mate), Meditation and Shiatsu we then practice Shiatsu, working with some basic techniques and Metta Bhavana Meditation (Meditation of Compassion)  

Sliding scale on what feels like is the right price for you: £30 – 45  

Booking:  payments to Love Yoga Ltd

5th February 2022

18 Step Healing Qigong with Martin Julich                                                                    email: (to book)

10am – 3pm with an hour for lunch                                                                                     Venue: Love Yoga Studio at 42 Union Street, Aberdeen                                                     Cost 45/35 Concession

Qigong practice is an easy form of exercise to maintain or improve health. It is inclusive in the sense that everybody can do it. It is adaptable in the sense that it can be done standing, in movement as well as in a seated position, or even lying down.

Qigong is a Chinese word and it simply means: Energy 

(Qi) Exercise/Movement (Gong). In order for our bodies and our minds to function well, we tend to feel better when we move appropriately to our needs and have rest when the time has come.

The 18 Steps Healing Qigong have been put together to:

  1. To bring energy flow into all meridians and to especially energise the hands
  2. To move and stretch the body and wake up our energies 
  3. And to simply feel good, in a deeper, nourishing sense
  4. The 18 Steps are an easy way to improve ones health and, if you are a health practitioner of any kind but especially if you do Shiatsu, massage or Reiki, help others get better

During this day we will also explore the feeling of Qi (both in the body and in the space) and we will have time for questions and perhaps even how this way working can be integrated into a Yoga practice from the perspective of principles. 

There will of course be a hand-out for this form:)