27th October – 10am – 1pm – Shiatsu & 5 Element Qigong workshop

cost: £30

We invite you to study this lovely set of Qigong with us at this time. The 5 Element Qigong is a beautiful set that illustrates how each meridian connected to an organ connected to an Element (i.e. Wood – Liver and Gallbladder) has its own ways of expressing life, health and dis-ease! The Five Forms of Touch comes out of the experience of this form of Qigong.

We will weave the Qigong experience into some simple ways of working with the Japanese form of energy healing called Shiatsu (meaning finger-pressure).

Interested? I hope so:)   Please let us know if you want to join:)

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booking with: Laura Davison on 01224 662878 or email:



Sunday 18th November  –  Shiatsu & Headaches                                                                         with Laura Davison and Martin Julich 

Venue: Love Yoga Studio, 42 Union Terrace, Aberdeen                                                           Times: 10am – 1pm      Cost: £30

Headaches can happen for various reasons and from the viewpoint of Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine there is so much we can do to prevent and treat them.

This workshop will explore hands-on Shiatsu techniques and approaches that can make a big difference, from acupressure points to release headaches to relaxation and food to help prevent them.

We are obviously also interested in getting you all interested in this beautiful hands-on Healing Modality. Our next Shiatsu-Acupressure for Health course starts in January 2019 and we would love to see many of you join.