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Postgraduate Shiatsu with Laura Davison MRSS

Improving your confidence in your Shiatsu




This is the first Postgraduate Course that I have run for a few years. Whenever you graduated you are welcome to join. Whether you need to revise your meridians or just review your touch, this is the time for you. Though there is some planning I intend to focus in the main on your needs so you can get the most out of these weekends.

We will work with the Extraordinary Meridians and points, looking at their associations and uses. These are the meridians that support all the ordinary meridians and provide deep connection and re-energise.

There will be tutorials, these are both to look at the clients you are treating and any questions you have around those treatments and advice you may be giving; whatever help you may need with your practice.

We will look at all the parts of Quantum Shiatsu to enhance your practical skills, giving you a wide range of extras you can add into your treatments.

I will combine this with practical tutorials to refine your skills in energy work and importantly observation of your practice.

All of this is building on what you already know and helping you to take it into your practice.

Dates: 9/10 March; 6/7 July; 12/13 October

Venue: Love Yoga, 42 Union Terr, Aberdeen 10-5pm each day

Course Fees: £330
Deposit: £165
Final Payment: £165 due on 2nd weekend

Laura Davison BSc, MRSST, RCST is principal teacher for Aberdeen School of Shiatsu. I first started Shiatsu in 1982, and have been teaching since that time. As well as Shiatsu I am practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy, La Stone Therapy and Spiritual Healing and combine the knowledge from these disciplines, where appropriate, with Shiatsu. I hope the Postgraduate Shiatsu will bring insight and clarity to both the theory and the practical, helping you to achieve more from your Shiatsu.

Continuing professional development is an important part of being a good practitioner, this is something I practice and I encourage you to come so you can enrich your practice.

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